A downloadable game for Windows

Based off the arcade smash-hit rock band The Mad Gear, the story continues with Turbo City Gaiden: RENTAL RUMBLE!

Watch their killer first animated feature!

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The Mad Gear are here to save the  video rental store!

The D.O.S. Gang are attacking your favorite rental store, and only The Mad Gear can stop them! Use your style, fists, combos, and most importantly: your fists.

Mash the attack buttons to perform powerful combos! Avoid the D.O.S. gang's attacks and save the store, all while being bad, rad, and listening to awesome tunes!


  • Windows
  • Mac (coming soon!)

Controls (keyboard / gamepad)

  • Move - arrows / d-pad
  • Attack - space / a-button
  • Start/Pause - esc / start-button


  • Thom (@thomthornhill) - Artwork, animation, bad attitude 
  • Carlos (@kf_carlito)  - Artwork, animation, rad attitude
  • Rob (@rfnichols) - Programming, design, 1996 regional freestyle jump-rope champion 
  • Cam (@madgearband) - Production, design, powerful handshakes and intimidating phone calls to the mayor of Turbo City.


Turbo City Gaiden: Rental Rumble: The Installer 30 MB


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